We’re Back in Person and Almost in Heaven! The studio is open for in person and virtual lessons.

Michelle Perrine

Hello! My name is Michelle Perrine and I am a voice teacher. 

Learn and Love to Sing  is not just the name of my site, it’s my passion.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been sharing that passion with my students.

I believe that …

…all students are different! I tailor my lessons to meet students’ diverse needs.

…a  student’s interest is important! Capturing a student’s interest and imagination is key to developing musically.

…everyone can learn and love to sing!

If you’re thinking about lessons, but are unsure of what’s involved,  please email me at michellemperrine@gmail.com or call me at (703) 347-1569 and I will answer it promptly.

I live in Martinsburg, WV. (That’s the Almost Heaven part.)

Have a look around and please contact me with any questions you have.

Learn and Love to Sing