Verdi Requiem outstanding!

Saturday Oct. 12 and Sunday Oct. 13, I had the privilege of singing Verdi’s Requiem with Choralis and the Columbia, MD Symphony. The soloists were phenomenal, the music awe-inspiring and while it was a physically and emotionally exhausting endeavor, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity.

In the studio, students are auditioning for school plays and preparing for recitals. A couple students are even getting ready for open mike nights in their neighborhoods.

Today I learned of the passing of a great musician, Bernard Sanchez, of Toledo. Mr. Sanchez was interim chair of the University of Toledo Music Dept. in the 1990’s, was a gifted trumpet professor and played with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. In addition, he conducted a special Palm Sunday concert every year, featuring works that were rarely performed. I had the opportunity to sing for him on a number of occasions and was always struck by his meticulous attention to detail and expectation of excellence. He will be sorely missed.