Instilling and nurturing a love of music and developing musicianship are at the very heart of why I’m a voice teacher. I earned my Master of Music Education degree in 2012 from Boston University, which has furthered my love of teaching and given me even more resources to draw from. My continuing education includes completing all three levels of Somatic Voiceworks, The LoVetri method. I currently sing with Choralis here in D.C., recently recording the Christmas works of Renowned British composer Bob Chilcott, produced by the composer and under the baton of Gretchen Kuhrmann. Previously I’ve sung with the Toledo Opera, the University of Toledo orchestra, and have given numerous recitals throughout Ohio. I”m a member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing.

I began teaching lessons part time more than 20 years ago during my undergraduate years at the University of Toledo, and have been teaching in my home studio ever since. I believe that everyone can learn to sing, that each student is unique, and that singing should be a joy. I gear each piece to a student’s interests and capabilities, while also encouraging them to broaden their musical horizons and try out different genres. It’s my hope that my students gain a passion for singing so I encourage them to participate in competitions, recitals, and auditions.

With all my students, I emphasize good technique. No matter what genre of music or age of student, singing in a healthful and free way includes great posture, good breath management, and producing a free and easy sound. I use a variety of different music formats, from classical and musical theater collections, to sheet music of contemporary songs. I believe that each student has their own unique way of learning, so I tailor my lessons to fit. Immediate feedback and specific practice instructions help my students gain a sense of confidence and assess their progress. Last but not least, singing should be fun!